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Your A to Z of fish

Got a burning question about fish and your diet or health? Then you’ve come to the right place. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Juliette Kellow has put together this comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about fish from A to Z.


Fast food

Fish is the ultimate fast food. Most fish dishes don’t take long to prepare or cook, making them ideal for today’s busy lifestyles. Plus, there are plenty of different ways...

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Eating less fat overall is important for keeping our heart healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. As a rule, it’s best to have no more than 70g fat a day...

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While carb-rich foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes are important energy providers in the diet, there are also lots of processes that go on in our bodies to...

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Eating a balanced diet is important if you’re trying for a baby, for both men and women. In particular, it’s important to have enough zinc. This mineral is essential for...

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Fish and chips

Fish and chips are often given a bad press for their high calorie and fat content, but there are also plenty of good points. Providing you skip the salt pot...

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Fish oil supplements

It’s always better to get nutrients from the food we eat rather than supplements, and omega-3 fats are no exception. Eating the recommended two portions of fish each week, one...

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Whether you’re a complete beginner, exercise regularly or are training for a specific event such as a marathon or triathlon, it’s essential to give your body the food it needs...

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Many people think that trying to eat healthily means missing out on taste, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you include fish in your diet. With...

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Frozen fish

Frozen fish is just as nutritious as fresh fish and makes a fantastic freezer standby. Always make sure you store and defrost it properly. Ideally, you should thaw fish or...

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