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Species of fish

Find out all you need to know about the different species of fish available to you. Simply click on one of the species below, or choose a letter to narrow down your selection, to discover more information, recipes and similar alternative species of fish as well as details on nutrition and seasonality information. There’s even some fun facts too!

Salmon (Atlantic)

This fish was once a luxury available only to a few, thanks to the recent development of aquaculture it is now widely available, affordable and also the UK’s biggest selling...

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Salmon (Pacific)

There are six species of Pacific salmon, each of which has slightly different characteristics. Wild Pacific salmon is caught between May and September and its flesh has a darker colour...

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Sardines / Pilchards

As the Latin name reveals, these fish are the same species, though smaller specimens are commonly known as sardines and larger, older ones pilchard.

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These attractive fan-shaped shells contain a firm, translucent off-white meat wrapped with a bright orange roe or coral, also edible but with a different taste and texture. The membrane, grey-brown...

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Sea Bass

Found wild from the Mediterranean to Norway in spring and summer, sea bass can grow up to 7kg, and are a prize catch, especially when line-caught. Now, thanks to farming...

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Sea Bream

This large group of fish from the Sparidae or Bramidae families are generally caught in the Mediterranean and off the west coast of Africa.

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Sea Trout

Technically the same species as brown trout, this much sought-after wild fish is also sometimes known as ocean or salmon trout, having a very similar appearance to salmon and a...

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There are a great many varieties of snapper, including five line, yellowtail, silk, crimson, flag, moses, mangrove jack, emperor and goldband, but the undisputed heavyweight Champion is the red snapper...

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Also known as calamari, the species of squid available commercially is Loligo squid which can range in size from 100g to 1kg (although there have been reports of squid weighing up...

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