Cockand Hen Brown Crab

Species of fish

Find out all you need to know about the different species of fish available to you. Simply click on one of the species below, or choose a letter to narrow down your selection, to discover more information, recipes and similar alternative species of fish as well as details on nutrition and seasonality information. There’s even some fun facts too!

Catfish/ Wolffish

Commonly known as Atlantic wolffish or Atlantic catfish – along with other descriptive names such as sea wolf and devil fish – this is a fearsome looking species found throughout...

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There are a number of varieties of clam; all are round and stone-like except the razor clam, so called because it resembles a cut-throat razor. Amande, hardshell, venus and razor...

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The main fisheries for our native common cockle include the Thames Estuary, Morecombe Bay and Burry Inlet. These shellfish are very similar to clams and can be cooked in the...

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A superb whitefish to which chefs are returning with renewed enthusiasm now that sustainable (eg MSC certified) stocks are widely avail-able. The cod has a long, tapered body with a...

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Coldwater Prawns

Cold water prawns and shrimps are made up of more than eight species found in the waters of the North and South Atlantic, and North Pacific, the principal species being...

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Also known as saithe, coley has a long tapered body, with a slight blue tint. Specimens range from 500g to 6kg but are usually only available as fillets. This fish...

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Unlike the European Eel, the Conger is never found in freshwater, preferring temperate waters around the Mediterranean and North Atlantic. While not as highly regarded, Conger can be prepared and cooked in the...

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The brown edible crab is native to the UK. Cock crabs (males) contain more white meat than the female hens and are generally preferred by chefs. Cocks can be identified...

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A seawater species in the jasus family, sometimes called spiny or rock lobster and regularly confused with crayfish. Crawfish can grow larger than lobsters and have a lobster shape but no large...

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This freshwater crustacean looks like a small lobster averaging 10cm/55g. The tail meat is succulent with a prawn-like texture and a lovely sweet taste. European wild crayfish are almost extinct...

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Very similar to squid, but can be tougher, and not readily available since most landed in the UK are exported to France and Spain. Usually available in sizes from 225-500g.

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