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Species of fish

Find out all you need to know about the different species of fish available to you. Simply click on one of the species below, or choose a letter to narrow down your selection, to discover more information, recipes and similar alternative species of fish as well as details on nutrition and seasonality information. There’s even some fun facts too!


Unlike Dover sole, plaice is best eaten as fresh as possible, as the flavour quickly fades. Ranging from 230g to 2kg, whole fish is easily identified by its distinctive orange...

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Pollack and Pollock

Pollack (Atlantic or Cornish)

Pollack (with an ‘a’) is closely related to coley and the two are often confused. Whole fish range from 500g to 3kg. pollack is a great...

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This member of the cod family, also known as Bib, is found around European coastlines and usually grows to about a foot (30cm) long.

A good alternative to traditional white...

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Prawns and King Prawns

Larger than their coldwater counterparts, warmwater prawns are farmed in the Far East and Latin America including the giant, meaty U10 (under 10 prawns per kg/each 100g+) raw whole black tiger...

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