Pollack and Pollock

Latin Name: Pollachius pollachius and Theragra chalcogramma Commercially Farmed: No Price Band: Low Flavour: Mild Texture: Medium Omega-3 Level: TBC
Cooking Method(s): Bake, Deep fry, Grill, Microwave, Poach, Shallow fry, Steam, Stir fry

Pollack and Pollock

Pollack (Atlantic or Cornish)

Pollack (with an ‘a’) is closely related to coley and the two are often confused. Whole fish range from 500g to 3kg. pollack is a great tasting fish, popular in France where much of our catch goes.

 Pollock (Alaskan)

Alaskan pollock is a small relative of the cod and one of the world’s most important groundfish species, this time sourced from the deep cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska or the Bering Sea.

The flesh is white but with a slightly beige tinge and a more muted flavour than cod. Much MSC certified Alaskan pollock is now readily available in the UK market, making it a good sustainable choice.

As fillets, an excellent alternative for battering or frying, and can be a great value alternative in hearty fish stews or curries.

Pollack and Pollock Recipes

Fish Finger Sandwich 580

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