Main meals

Whatever the occasion, whatever your skill, we've got something for you to choose from.
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Ph1 Day5 1710 Crab Linguine3 770X600

Crab Linguine with Harissa

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Ph1 Day4 1570 Smoked Mackerel Poké Bowl1 770X600

Miso Mackerel Poke Bowl

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Ph1 Day4 1484 Tuna Lunch Box2 770X600

Tuna and Pesto Salad

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Ph1 Day2 1094 Prawn Avocado Salad 770X600

Prawn & Avocado Salad

Prep time: 10 minutes Read More
Ph1 Day1 0962 Smoked Haddock Bubble Squeak 700X660

Smoked Haddock Bubble & Squeak

Cooking time: 20 minutes Read More

Grilled Mackerel with Korean Chilli Baste and Kimchi

Prep time: 10 minutes + marinating Cooking time: 3-4 minutes Read More
Gurnard Tikka

Roast Tikka Gurnard With Cucumber Raita

Prep time: 25 minutes + marinating Cooking time: 30 minutes Read More

Grilled Langoustine with fennel, pea and herb salad

Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Read More

Easy Steamed Mussels

Prep time: 5 Minutes Cooking time: 5 Minutes Read More
Rob Mackerel

Pan fried mackerel fillet with pickled ginger vegetables, watermelon, wasabi mayonnaise & a seaweed cracker

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Bens Fish Pizza

Simple Seafood: Homemade Seafood Pizza on the Barbecue

Prep time: 50 minutes Read More
Rachel Koftas 770X600

Simple Seafood: Indian Street Food Kofta Flatbread

Prep time: 25 minutes Read More
Ben Popular Fish Taco 770X600

Modern Classic: Mexican Style Fish Tacos

Prep time: 40 minutes Read More
Bens Burgers 770X600

Family Favourite: Fish Burgers with Herb Mayonnaise

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Rachel Fish Curry 770X600

Modern Classic: Fish Curry with Chana Dal

Prep time: 40 minutes Read More
Ady Mussels 770X600

Modern Classic: Mussels Two Ways

Prep time: 15 minutes Read More
Rachel Kedgeree 1

Quick Brunch: Smoked Haddock Kedgeree with Poached Eggs

Prep time: 30 minutes Read More
Rcahel Tagine 770X600

Classic: Spiced Seafood Tagine with Cous Cous

Prep time: 5 minutes Read More