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Social distancing? Here’s a few tips for staying healthy

Mon 23rd March 2020

Some cool, calm and collected tips for keeping on top of your wellbeing

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Craband Noodle Saladwith Black Sesame Seed Dressing Web

A taste of sunshine

Fri 20th March 2020

Warmer, sunnier days help boost our vitamin D levels. But if the current climate means you need to self-isolate and can’t go outside, Seafish’s nutritional consultant Juliette Kellow comes to the rescue with her guide to how fish can boost your vitamin D levels.

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Hake And Jersey Royals Recipe

What is the ‘Sea for Yourself’ campaign?

Wed 11th March 2020

The ‘Sea for Yourself’ campaign is an initiative to inspire the UK to cook and eat more seafood caught in UK waters. 

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Monkfish Curry Recipe Image

The UK is hooked: Four times as many Brits are choosing seafood over avocados to get fit and healthy

Wed 11th March 2020

New ‘Sea for Yourself’ campaign unveils Brits’ cooking habits at home, raising awareness of seafood caught in UK waters including sole, crab, monkfish, mussels, and herring. Study reveals over half (56%) of the UK is planning to eat more healthily this spring - with seafood high on the menu. 4 in 10 Brits (40%) would incorporate even more fish into their diet if they felt more confident cooking it, with over two thirds (67%) calling out seafood’s health benefits as the main reason for wanting to.

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Sea Bass

The benefits of farmed sea bass

Mon 9th March 2020

In recent years, sea bass has grown in popularity, it’s the sixth most loved fish on the wet fish counter behind cod, haddock, salmon, prawns and tuna. 

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Spring Table Setting

Bring in the spring

Sun 8th March 2020

The mornings are brighter, the nights are longer and the birdsong reaches our ears instead of the howling wind, this must mean only one thing… spring is finally here!

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