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Seafood School Classrooom On Coast

CJ’s Jackson’s Summer of Seafood

Wed 29th August 2018

I am always on the look out to learn more about the industry. I love meeting new people and listening to different takes on all things seafood. The one thing you never do in this industry is stop learning.

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Skin 770X600

The beauty of seafood

Wed 15th August 2018

Seafood is full of so many nutrients but did you know that these are beneficial for your beauty regime? 

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Magda Ganea The Real Food Cafe

The World of a Young Fish Frier

Mon 13th August 2018

Magda Ganea (23) of The Real Food Café in Tyndrum, Stirlingshire, won the accolade of UK 2nd place in the Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Competition as part of the 2018 National Fish & Chip Awards – here we find out a little more about Magda’s journey into the world of fish and chips. 

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Scallops Tt

Seafood of the month – Scallops

Wed 8th August 2018

We are bringing you scallops this August as our seafood of the month. So delicious and succulent, these little beauties contain 21.7g of protein per 140g (according to the Food Nutrition Table website) which:

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Fish And Chips Awards 770X600

60 chippies are frying high, here’s why

Thu 2nd August 2018

Everyone has a favourite chippy, and we’re on our way to finding the best in the UK.  Whether it’s by the seaside soaking in the summer sunshine or rugged up in a chippy on a cold, wet day, fish and chips is a national pastime. 

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Fish oil - why the real deal is better for you than supplements

Wed 18th July 2018

We asked our resident nutritionist Juliette Kellow about some recent research on omega 3 fats, mostly from supplements, that highlights it might not be as beneficial to heart health as previously thought.  She tells us what this means for those of us who eat seafood for the health benefits.

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