Frying tonight – fish and chips during lockdown

Mon 18th May 2020
Fish And Chips

Feeling hungry but fed up of ‘lockdown’ home cooking and looking instead for ideas for a quick change of dinner this evening? Maybe a home delivered takeaway, or as an excuse to get out for a bit of fresh air, maybe a ‘click and collect’ takeaway ... maybe some lip-smackingly delicious and hunger-quelling fish and chips?

Throughout the coronavirus situation many fish and chip shops have been endeavouring to keep the nation’s morale up, by remaining open for business – albeit with shops doing so in a slightly different way than previously; via home delivery or ‘click and collect’ services – with shops implementing required safety and social distancing requirements for both staff and customers. So, if it has been quite a while since you last acquainted yourself with the tantalizing wafting aroma of salt and vinegar, and savoured the crunch of crisp batter encasing a piece of moist and delectable flaky fish, accompanied by perfectly cooked chips with fluffy white interiors – then wait no longer, and get yourself with haste, to your local fish and chip shop!

Besides tasting fantastic, fish and chips is in fact a great natural, nutritional meal which is good value for money and an excellent source of protein. A portion of fish and chips provides the body with vitamins B6 and B12, vitamin C, iron, calcium, phosphorous, as well as the trace elements iodine, fluorine, zinc and some important dietary fibre.

Fish and chips is one of the least adulterated prepared foods that we can eat; wild caught fish, freshly harvested potatoes, some flour for batter, an oil for the cooking medium, and all cooked with care and attention, skill and expertise to produce a tasty and nutritious meal, plain and simple.

During World War II the UK government stipulated that fish and chips was not be rationed, so as to help keep the nation’s morale high during a time of strife. As fish and chips celebrate their 160th anniversary this year, why not let an evening meal of fish and chips soothe away any worries or concerns you may currently have.

Feeling peckish now? Go on you know you want some this evening; fish and chips, salt and vinegar ... and perhaps a side order of tasty mushy peas! Heaven on a plate ... or in a takeaway box!

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