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A taste of Hastings

Thu 4th October 2018

I have long dreamt of living by the sea and my monthly trips down to see the fishing fleet in Hastings is always a treat! A visit always feels like a day’s holiday! 

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6 myths about fish

Mon 1st October 2018

Fish is good for your health – so why don’t we eat more of it? Senior Dietitian Victoria Taylor, British Heart Foundation busts some of the myths that put us off eating fish.

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5 fresh ideas for getting seafood into your diet

Mon 24th September 2018

Learn about the new recommendations for eating oily fish, plus five healthy tips for eating it.

Fish forms a valuable part of a healthy, balanced diet. We should all aim to eat at least two portions per week, including one portion of oily fish. This is regardless of whether you’ve had a heart attack as the guidelines from NICE (National Institute for Care and Excellence) changed in 2013.

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Sardine Tt

Seafood of the month - sardines

Wed 5th September 2018

Sardines are our seafood of the month! Such an easy fish to cook, bake, deep fry, grill, microwave, poach, shallow fry, steam or stir fry or you could even just take them straight out of the tin and have them on toast or crackers!

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Seafood School Classrooom On Coast

CJ’s Jackson’s Summer of Seafood

Wed 29th August 2018

I am always on the look out to learn more about the industry. I love meeting new people and listening to different takes on all things seafood. The one thing you never do in this industry is stop learning.

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The beauty of seafood

Wed 15th August 2018

Seafood is full of so many nutrients but did you know that these are beneficial for your beauty regime? 

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