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Fish oil - why the real deal is better for you than supplements

Wed 18th July 2018

We asked our resident nutritionist Juliette Kellow about some recent research on omega 3 fats, mostly from supplements, that highlights it might not be as beneficial to heart health as previously thought.  She tells us what this means for those of us who eat seafood for the health benefits.

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Med Crab Salad

Every which way with crab from CJ Jackson

Tue 17th July 2018

I am often asked whether I prefer crab or lobster… and my answer is ‘it depends who is paying’!... but actually I would generally go for a dressed brown crab – if it is bang on season.

There are many types of crab available around the globe and in the UK there is a selection that we could make use of. 

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Seafood of the month - mullet

Mon 9th July 2018

Red mullet, grey mullet, red mullet, grey mullet – not the easiest of words to say quickly but an easy seafood to cook!

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8 Things You Need to Know About Seafood With Expert CJ Jackson

Wed 4th July 2018

Q & A session with seafood industry expert and renowned seafood chef CJ Jackson. 

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A new way to think about tinned fish

Tue 19th June 2018

Written by renowned seafood chef, Sunday Brunch regular and Seafish Ambassador CJ Jackson.

As a working mum, I want to get a quick supper on the table but want to make sure I have provided some of the ‘5 a day’ and of course at least 2 portions of seafood a week.

My teenage son loves ‘his’ type of comfort food and his usual request is ‘tuna rice or pasta’ with lots of chopped tomato forked through... what can be easier? What he doesn’t know is that I have substituted his tuna for canned mackerel recently as I’m keen for him to get the best Omega 3 levels for his concentration levels - which tuna is lacking... and he has loved it!

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Plaice Top Trump

Seafood of the Month - Plaice

Wed 6th June 2018

Plaice is our seafood of the month for June! It’s a fish that is easily identified by its orange spots, which also give an indication of the freshness (the brighter the spots, the fresher the plaice).

  • A plaice’s flavour is as pronounced as sole but it takes sauces and other flavours really well so makes a super tasty meal.
  • Plaice falls into our top ten for omega 3? It has 750g of this healthy oil contained in it if you have it baked and breaded!
  • Plaice is low in fat, making it a healthier, low-fat alternative to red or processed meat, which tends to be higher in fat, especially saturated fat.
  • Plaice can be eaten as many times as you like during pregnancy and there are no restrictions regarding the number of portions.

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