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Seafood of the Month - Plaice

Wed 6th June 2018

Plaice is our seafood of the month for June! It’s a fish that is easily identified by its orange spots, which also give an indication of the freshness (the brighter the spots, the fresher the plaice).

  • A plaice’s flavour is as pronounced as sole but it takes sauces and other flavours really well so makes a super tasty meal.
  • Plaice falls into our top ten for omega 3? It has 750g of this healthy oil contained in it if you have it baked and breaded!
  • Plaice is low in fat, making it a healthier, low-fat alternative to red or processed meat, which tends to be higher in fat, especially saturated fat.
  • Plaice can be eaten as many times as you like during pregnancy and there are no restrictions regarding the number of portions.

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Scampi Tacos

Mexico – Las Delicias Del Mar!

Mon 14th May 2018

Bounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea on its eastern seaboard and the Pacific Ocean on its western side, Mexico is well placed to make the most of its local seafood bounty. Las delicias del mar — delights from the sea!

Throughout the country, fish stalls in local markets are piled high with a multitude of pescados y mariscos — fish and shellfish — sourced by Mexico’s legions of fishermen – in addition to grocery stores and supermarkets that are stocked with seafood delights from further flung parts of the globe.  

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30 Fish Monkfish Final

In praise of monkfish

Thu 10th May 2018

Someone asked me the other day why monkfish has risen to such dizzy heights of appreciation over the last few decades.

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2 a week? Are you getting enough?

Fri 4th May 2018

At the Seafood School – we ask ALL our guests (this week we have worked with over 350 people) 3 questions.

  • a)How many portions of fish and shellfish they have enjoyed in the last week
  • b)Can they list the ‘famous five’? The top 5 biggest seafood sellers in the UK
  • c)Would they like to guess how many species of fish we have available in the market monthly?

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Seafood of the month - tuna

Tue 1st May 2018

Pinch, punch, it’s the first of the month and with that comes a new seafood and this May its tuna! Coincidentally, it’s also World Tuna Day on Wednesday 2nd May, a double celebration.

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Royal 1

A right royal diet for Kate and the new baby!

Mon 23rd April 2018

Everyone loves a Royal baby and the arrival of latest addition to the Royal Household is no exception. Like the rest of the nation, I’m delighted for William and Kate, and of course big brother George and big sister Charlotte. Congratulations!

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