Seafood of the month - sardines

Wed 5th September 2018
Sardine Tt

Sardines are our seafood of the month! Such an easy fish to cook, bake, deep fry, grill, microwave, poach, shallow fry, steam or stir fry or you could even just take them straight out of the tin and have them on toast or crackers!

Sardines have:

  • Protein which is good for which supports muscle mass
  • Vitamin D  that contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Vitamin B12 which can reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Niacin which contributes to maintenance of normal skin
  • Selenium which is great for your immune system
  • Phosphorus helps to form strong bones and teeth

That’s only a few of the vitamins and minerals that this small fish has! It should definitely be included as part of your two a week. If you’re finding it difficult to fit two portions of seafood into your weekly meal plan, then let us help with the below recipes.  

Sardine Pizza

Starting us off is this sardine pizza! Ready in less than 25 minutes, with only a handful of ingredients, it could be any easier to make, especially when you don’t have to make the pizza base from scratch.

Sardine Nachos

These sardine topped nachos are great if you’re feeling peckish but not sure what to eat. It’s a change from the usual beef and chicken recipes. 

Mediterranean Sardines 580 270

We are taking you back to your summer holidays with this Mediterranean sardine’s recipe. It’s so colourful and full of flavour, just perfect for an autumnal or Indian summer evening.

Posh sardines on toast

You don’t have to wait until lunch or dinner to enjoy sardines; they are perfect at brekkie time too. Try out these posh sardines on toast. Go on you deserve to start the day off on the right foot!

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