Seafood dishes on a budget

Wed 3rd July 2019

It’s getting near that time of year again, Christmas. We are all starting to count our pennies and work out our budget for pressies, nights out and the Christmas dinner. With all this in mind, we at FitD towers thought we would pull together some simple low-priced recipes for you that are mouth-wateringly delicious.


One of our favourites is this seafood pasta. Not only will you get your two a week, it’s a great way to try a variety of seafood. You could also freeze the sauce and use it at a later date.

Prawn Chorizo Frittata

Our prawn chorizo frittata is perfect to eat hot or cold but as it’s nearly winter, we prefer a hot frittata. Plus you can have it for lunch or dinner and its ideal after a tough workout, when you just can’t wait for something good to eat!


Our tuna melts can be ready super-fast, under 10 minutes, which stops us picking at naughty treats in the kitchen. Great news if you are trying to get into that favourite black dress or suit for the Christmas party.


These smoked mackerel fishcakes from our friends at Tesco are so delicious and made with omega-3 filled mackerel that counts for one of your two a week! Win/win.

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Dawn x