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Fish for sport

Whether you’re a complete beginner, exercise regularly or are training for a specific event such as a marathon or triathlon, it’s essential to give your body the food it needs to perform at its absolute best.

And breathe

It’s research in its infancy but one small study found when wrestlers received supplements of omega-3 fats during training, their lung function improved*.

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Fit fish around your workout

Busy training schedules, taking part in sporting events and travelling to and from competitions can make it harder to eat a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients needed for...

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Get an antioxidant boost

It’s a fact that the more we exercise, the more free radicals we generate, and these can whizz around the body damaging cells.

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Up your iron

Iron is needed to make red blood cells and transport oxygen around the body. It also plays a role in producing energy and can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue...

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Training hard for a sports event can increase our requirements for nutrients involved in producing energy in the body such as the B vitamins – and different varieties of fish...

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Get in shape

Many of us start exercising to help with weight loss. But while health experts agree this is a great move, they suggest for best results, we should combine it with...

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Flex those muscles

Fish is a fabulous source of protein, a nutrient that supports the growth and maintenance of muscle.

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Love your heart

It’s well established that the long-chain omega-3 fats found in good amounts in oil-rich fish such as sardines

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Get more from your aerobic workout

With a link between omega-3 fats and heart health, it’s unsurprising that some studies show omega-3 fats may help to improve our aerobic metabolism.

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