Get an antioxidant boost

It’s a fact that the more we exercise, the more free radicals we generate, and these can whizz around the body damaging cells.

That’s not a reason to avoid exercising – health guidelines recommend we do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week such as brisk walking or cycling, together with twice-weekly muscle strengthening activities*.

But we can help counteract potential damage by making sure our diet provides plenty of antioxidants to help ‘mop up’ free radicals. Many varieties of fish provide antioxidant nutrients including selenium (found in good amounts in most fish), copper (found in good amounts in shellfish such as clamscocklescrab, crayfishlangoustinelobster and oysters) and vitamin E (found in crab, crayfishlangoustine and salmon).

* Ref: NHS Choices (2013) Physical activity guidelines for adults.