Get more from your aerobic workout

With a link between omega-3 fats and heart health, it’s unsurprising that some studies show omega-3 fats may help to improve our aerobic metabolism*.

For example, in one small study, after eight weeks of receiving a daily fish oil supplement, cyclists needed less oxygen when they were exercising**.

More research is needed but keeping your heart healthy means oxygen is efficiently transported around the body in the blood, and delivered to the cells where it’s needed – vital for good performance.

And while most research to date has used fish oil supplements, eating more oily fish is a tasty way to boost your intake of essential omega-3 fats.


* Ref: Brilla, L R and Landerholm (1990) Effect of fish oil supplementation & exercise on serum lipids & aerobic fitness. The Journal of Sports Medicine & Physical Fitness 30 (2), 173-180.

** Ref: Peoples, G E et al (2008) Fish oil reduces heart rate & oxygen consumption during exercise. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 52 (6) 540-547.