Now That's What I Call Omega-3!

Mon 15th April 2019
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Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Omega-3 – it's on food packaging, it's in advertisements and it's in the papers. But what is it? Why do we need it? And where can it be found?

Omega-3 is a type of fat found in oil-rich fish – it's a 'good' fat that benefits our health in many ways and it’s essential we get enough from our diet as it can’t be made by our body.

Health benefits of Omega-3 include:

  • playing a part in keeping the heart working normally
  • helping to maintain levels of triglycerides in our blood, a type of fat in the blood, which when raised, increases our risk of heart disease.
  • helping to maintain normal blood pressure.
  • contributing to the maintenance of normal brain function and brain development in developing and newborn babies.
  • contributing to the maintenance of normal vision and normal eye development in developing and newborn babies.

Seafood has long been recognised as the best natural dietary source of Omega-3 – but which fish are the very best sources?

To measure this we look at how many milligrams (mg) of Omega-3 there are in 100g of each seafood. Here's our top 20 rundown!

Number 20-16

  • Starting off our top 20… it’s one of the most popular white fish on our plates. Thank goodness it’s got 130mg Omega-3. We’re talking, baked Cod!
  • At 19… you won't have the blues for long thanks to the 130mg Omega-3 in… grilled Sole!
  • At 18… there are 140 good reasons to throw another one on the barbie – with 140mg Omega-3 it’s grilled King Prawns! At 17… related to the shellfish supremo that is lobster, with 170mg Omega-3… it’s boiled Langoustine.
  • At 16… with 190mg Omega-3, this family favourite is perfect for fish pies… it's steamed Haddock!

Number 15-11

  • At 15… celebrate with a cocktail or two. Containing 200mg Omega-3… it's Coldwater Prawns!
  • At 14… guaranteed to conjure up images of sunny, summer holidays, with 250mg Omega-3… it's baked Calamari in Batter!
  • At 13… with 320mg Omega-3 and a super sarnie filling… it's Tinned Tuna in Brine (that’s a lot more than Tinned Tuna in Sunflower Oil with 180mg)!
  • At 12… with 420mg, you can be confident your children are getting an omega-3 fix while eating one of their favourite foods... it's grilled or baked Cod Fish Fingers!
  • At 11… Omega-3 gives you a sporting chance at good health, so 540mg could probably boost your… Mussels!

Number 10-6

  • Top 10 time … this classic pub grub is worth an omega-3 toast. With 740mg Omega-3, say cheers to… baked Scampi in breadcrumbs!
  • At 9… with 760mg Omega-3 there’s definitely a time and plaice for this fish… it’s baked and breaded Plaice.
  • At 8… it’s all about the bass. For a top up of 1230mg omega-3 to music to your ears it’s… baked Seabass!
  • At 7… the white meat has 70mg Omega-3, but the brown meat is the true Omega-3 winner. You'll find 1300mg in Crab!
  • At 6… posh up your pasta by adding a tin or two. With 1340mg Omega-3… it’s Tinned Pink Salmon. Or add a little more colour with Tinned Red Salmon and get 1650mg Omega-3.

Number 5-2

  • Into the top 5 now… and with 1720mg Omega-3 it will leave you with more of a smile than a pout! It's baked Rainbow Trout!
  • At number 4… it’s that entertaining classic with 2280mg Omega-3… it's Smoked Salmon!
  • At 3… with 2500mg Omega-3, it’s a tasty toast topping… Canned Sardines in Brine. But for an extra boost go for Canned Sardines in Tomato Sauce and you’ll get even more – 2980mg Omega-3.
  • At 2… narrowly missing out on top spot, and with an impressive 3350mg… it's grilled Kippers!

Number 1

  • Number 1 And top of the pile, king of the hill, head honcho, big cheese, numbero uno when it comes to the top level of Omega-3… with 4830mg per 100g, it's grilled Mackerel!

So there it is! Mackerel comes out on top when it comes to delivering some serious Omega-3 goodness! But thanks to this unique fat being found in good amounts in so many other varieties of seafood, it’s easy to get the recommended 3150mg Omega-3 fats in a week. Just tuck into two portions of seafood a week (with one of them being oily) and your body and mind will reap the benefits! 

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