The O-Fish-Ial UK Top 20

Mon 15th April 2019
Omega 3 Seafood Family

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about omega-3 fats – they’re mentioned on food packaging, seen in advertisements and written about in the papers. But what are they? Why do we need them? And where are they found?

Long chain omega-3s are a type of fat found in oil-rich fish – they’re 'good' fats that benefit our health in many ways.

Health benefits of long chain omega-3 fats include:

  • playing a part in keeping the heart working normally
  • helping to maintain levels of triglycerides in our blood, a type of fat in the blood that when raised, increases our risk of heart disease
  • helping to maintain normal blood pressure. 

One of the omega-3 fats in fish (DHA) is also important for:

  • keeping our brain functioning normally
  • contributing to brain development in developing and newborn babies
  • helping to maintain normal vision
  • aiding normal eye development in developing and newborn babies.

Seafood has long been recognised as one of the richest natural dietary sources of long chain omega-3 fats. But which fish are the very best choices?

We’ve looked at the amount of long chain omega-3 fats in 100g of some our favourite seafood picks. Here's our o-fish-ial top 20 chart countdown…


Starting off our top 20… you won't have the blues for long thanks to the 110mg omega-3 in grilled Lemon Sole!

At = 19… there are 130 good reasons to throw another one on the barbie – with 130mg omega-3 it’s grilled King Prawns!

At = 18… it’s one of the most popular white fish on our plates. Thank cod it has 130mg omega-3. We’re talking, baked Cod!

At 17… related to the shellfish supremo that is lobster, with 160mg omega-3… it’s boiled Langoustine.

At 16… with 180mg omega-3, this family favourite is perfect for fish pies… it's steamed Haddock!


At 15… celebrate with a cocktail or two. Containing 190mg omega-3… it's Coldwater Prawns!

At 14… guaranteed to conjure up images of sunny, summer holidays, with 220mg omega-3… it's baked Calamari in Batter!

At 13… with 240mg omega-3 there’s definitely a time and plaice for this fish… it’s baked and breaded Plaice.

At 12… with 290mg omega-3 and a super sarnie filling… it's Tinned Tuna in Brine (that’s a lot more than Tinned Tuna in Sunflower Oil with 160mg)!

At 11… it’s worth shelling out for this popular seafood when you’re entertaining or eating out. We’re talking Lobster with 300mg omega-3!


We’re into the top 10… want to boost Mussels? With 470mg omega-3 you’re in with a sporting chance!

At 9… Crab is fab with 585mg omega-3 if you eat equal amounts of white and brown meat (it’s the brown meat that’s loaded with the most!)

At 8… it’s all about the bass. It’s music to our ears to hear there’s 870mg omega-3 in… baked Seabass!

At 7… it’s in the can! Tinned Pink Salmon has 980mg omega-3. Or add more colour with Tinned Red Salmon and get 1250mg omega-3.

At 6… with 1310mg omega-3 you won’t have anything to pout about! It's baked Rainbow Trout.


Into the top 5 now… they’re pickled, marinated or smoked in Scandanavia but for us Brits, a good grilling is just fine! With 1500mg omega-3, it’s grilled Herring.

At number 4…you’ll jump at the chance of this – baked Salmon has 2130mg omega-3!

At 3… wake up to an impressive 2380mg omega-3 by putting grilled Kippers on your breakfast menu!

At 2… narrowly missing out on topping our chart, they’re topping our toast instead! With 2440mg omega-3 it’s Tinned Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Number 1

And top of the pile, king of the hill, head honcho, big cheese, numero uno when it comes to the top level of omega-3… with 3020mg, it's grilled Mackerel!

So there it is! Mackerel comes out on top when it comes to delivering some serious omega-3 goodness! But thanks to this unique fat being found in good amounts in so many other varieties of seafood, it’s easy to get enough omega-3 fats each week. Just tuck into two portions of seafood a week (with one of them being oily) and your body and mind will reap the benefits!

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