Sunday Fishcake Breakfast

Prep time: 10-12 minutes Cooking time: 13-15 minutes Serves: 4 Skill level: Competent Cook Recipe by: Seafish
Sunday Fishcake Breakfast

The method

  1. Mix together all the fish cake ingredients, season with salt and black pepper and shape into 4 fish cakes. Transfer to a plate, cover and chill in the fridge to firm up.
  2. Heat enough oil to just cover the base of a non-stick frying pan and fry the fish cakes on each side until cooked through and brown on the outside. Transfer onto a plate lined with kitchen paper and keep warm.
  3. In the same pan fry the black pudding until cooked through. Fry the tomato until lightly browned and fry the eggs according to how you like them.
  4. Place the tomato slices on 4 plates. Top each with the black pudding, then the fish cake and finish with the fried eggs. Serve garnished with parsley.