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Fish Boxes

Got a fish box from your local fishmonger or thinking of buying one? As part of the Sea for Yourself campaign, we've pulled together a few quick hints and tips regarding storage, preparation and cooking

Looking to order UK seafood online or make the most of some new flavours? Whether you’ve purchased a fish box from your fishmonger in person, you’re hotly anticipating an arrival of a fish box from a specialist, or just beginning your journey to ordering seafood to your door – we’ve compiled everything you need to know in one handy place.  

What is a fishbox?

A fishbox is a fantastic way to discover new varieties of fish and seafood. Rather than buying one type of seafood at a time, you get an array of different flavours and tastes to try. Some classic, some a little less familiar but just as delicious.

Where can you buy a fishbox?

You may be able to buy a fishbox from your local fishmonger – we’d advise phoning ahead to make sure they offer the service and have one ready for when you arrive. However, if you’re unable to make it to your local store, many companies now offer online delivery or click and collect services. Whether it’s a friendly face down the road or a national supplier who delivers across the UK, check out our handy list of where to buy fish and seafood online. Simply click, order, and await your tasty delivery! 

How do I store a fishbox?

Storage for fishboxes varies – depending on where you purchase them from and the type of fish or seafood you’ve ordered. But for handy tips on keeping your fish fresher for longer, check out our page on storing fish here. 

What recipes can I make using a fishbox?

Baked hake, mackerel fishcakes, or even mussels in a spiced coconut sauce. There are literally thousands of recipes for seafood and fish. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a few here, or check out our full recipe page to be inspired.

How to Store Seafood

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How to Cook Seafood

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Recipe ideas

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Sea For Yourself

The UK has some of the best seafood in the world – and we want to inspire you to eat more of it. Go on…sea for yourself – find out more on our campaign and get involved.

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Buying seafood online

On the hunt for seafood delivery to your door? Simply pop your postcode into our interactive map to find specialists online - from local heroes, to merchants who deliver.

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What new tastes will you discover? From mouthwatering mackerel fishcakes to spiced coconut mussels. Swap the same old meals for something a little more exciting. And don’t forget to show us your creations over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – tag us in any snaps or thoughts using #SeaforYourself. 


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