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One man and his boat in Scotland

As part of the 'Sea for Yourself' campaign, we bring you this story of the high seas to video streams.

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Hundreds of years of family tradition

We believe the people are the heart and soul of the UK seafood industry. And we love this story about Barry Brunton and his boat. Barry’s family have been fishing out of Dunbar, East Lothian in Scotland since the 14th century and according to Barry, he’s had “salt in his veins” since his father took him out for the first time at the age of seven.

Barry is one of thousands of great characters involved in the fishing industry, bringing us high quality, locally and sustainably caught fish and shellfish to our plates.

Barry's YouTube story

He has cast his net to a wider audience through his popular YouTube channel and Facebook page called One Man and His Boat. On his channel, Barry is rebuilding a Cygnus GM21 fishing boat called Lynsey B to make it seaworthy.

As the series goes on, he intends to shoot videos on creel making, the launch of the vessel and even what Barry describes as the “rigmarole” involved in completing the necessary paperwork to register the vessel. All things our fishermen have to do.

Go 'virtual' fishing with Barry

Barry then aims to take viewers fishing with him via his videos and show the realities of being a commercial fisherman right down to the pounds and pennies in his pocket at the end of the day. Sign me up!

Barry is a natural in front of the camera. He is delighted by the positive reaction to the channel but isn’t doing it for the fame or the likes. Barry plans to use his social media channels to communicate directly with potential customers. He aims to sell direct from the boat at a price that’s fair to the fisherman and fair to the customer.

Barry believes that by showing the work involved in catching seafood, he can build trust especially in a world where sustainability, provenance and freshness are becoming more and more important. 

Follow Barry's story

So far, Barry has published 57 videos accumulating tens of thousands of views.

You can view the videos and follow Barry's story here 

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