Captain America Shield - Seafood platter

Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 13-15 minutes Serves: 4 Skill level: Easy Peasy Recipe by: Seafish
This Captain America inspired seafood platter is great as a party snack.

The method


This dish is all about the presentation. To make your platter look like Captain America's Shield, you will need...

  • A large red plate
  • A smaller red plate
  • A star shaped cookie cutter


  1. Mix the crab meat with the mayonnaise and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to season. Spoon the mixture into a star shaped cookie cutter and place in the fridge to set.
  2. Clean and de-beard the mussels. If any mussels are opened, tap them lightly on a hard surface. If they don't close, discard them. Cover the base of a pan with water and heat on the hob until steaming. Add the fresh mussels and cover with a lid. Allow to steam until they open, this should take 3-4 minutes. Strain the mussels from the pan and allow to cool (remember to discard any that don't open).
  3. Heat the oil in a large pan over a high heat until smoking. Carefully add the squid in a single layer, then add the butter, garlic and chilli. Cook, tossing frequently, until the squid is opaque and cooked through, about 1-2 minutes (do not overcook as this will make the squid tough). Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Place the smaller red plate on top of the larger. Remove the crab meat from the fridge and set in the centre. Place the mussels around the crab meat, in a circular fashion. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Place the prawns around the mussels, once again, forming a circle. Finally, place the squid rings onto the bottom plate, so that the form a band of white.
  5. Serve with lemon wedges and crackers (for the crab meat).