Latin Name: Nephrops norvegicus Commercially Farmed: No Price Band: Medium Flavour: Bold Texture: Firm Omega-3 Level: TBC
Cooking Method(s): Deep fry, Grill, Poach, Shallow fry, Stir fry
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Also known as Dublin Bay prawns, nephrops and Norwegian lobster, langoustine look like large king prawns but are actually part of the lobster family and can grow up to 250g. Whilst traditionally the tails have been used to make breaded scampi, there are more delicious uses for this superb species. They are fantastic roasted in the oven and served whole with lemon and mayonnaise or split in half, coated in butter and herbs and grilled. The tail meat has a sweet taste and a prawn-like texture.

Langoustines Recipes

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Here are some of the latest recipes for this particular species of fish.

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