Store Seafood


We love our freezers at Fish is the Dish, whether it’s to allow us to buy in bulk or store up a batch of fish fingers we think our kitchen freezer is our reliable friend.

Freezing Fresh Seafood

Like all foods, we recommend if you are going to freeze seafood do so as early as you can. You can do straight from the shops or even if you fish in the fridge and know you’re not going to have time to eat just bung it in the freezer. Our best advice is to wrap the seafood well doing your best to exclude as much air from the packaging as possible. Freezer bags are ideal for storing seafood but if you do not have any handy you can even use cling film. Whatever you place your seafood into, prior to it going in the freezer always make sure its tightly sealed, label it and check on it regularly.

Get into the habit of checking what you have in your freezer before you do a food shop, this will not only ensure you are can see any signs of ‘frost’ in the packaging (an indication of freezer burn) but it can help you plan what seafood you want to buy and need to make sure you get your two a week. It also means you won’t forget what tasty seafood you have in your freezer and can cut down in waste in the long run.

Frozen seafood

Retailers have moved a long way in what seafood is available frozen. From the firm family favourite fish fingers to now tasty and nutritious meals carefully prepared by chefs with only the finest ingredients, there’s something for everyone!

If you live further away from where you buy your seafood you can take a cool bag to the store so you can keep your goods as cold as possible until you get them into your home freezer.


The thawing process should be done using careful control of temperature and not attempted too quickly – overnight in a refrigerator is ideal.

Place your seafood on a plate or tray, cover with plastic overwrap and place them in the bottom section of the refrigerator to thaw slowly. Any excess melt water should be removed.

When you eventually remove thawed seafood from the refrigerator you can treat it in the same way as chilled fish. You can actually cook from frozen so you don’t need to thaw find out more here.