Prepare Fish


Here are some helpful tips to use while you prepare your fish for cooking - for example, how to keep your hands fishy free, or how to avoid odours being left behind in your home.

Don’t store mussels in tap water

Do not store mussels in tap water for any length of time since this will destroy them. Store them in the bottom of your fridge with a wet towel over them.

Eliminating odours

To get rid of any seafood smells, just cut a lemon in half and rub it over your hands, plus over any knives and chopping boards you’ve been using.

Filleting fish

Lots of pre-packed fish is filleted already, but if you want to buy a whole fish, just ask your fishmonger – or at the supermarket fish counter – and they’ll fillet it for you.

Use cold water on your hands to avoid them smelling

Before you start handling seafood wash your hands in hot soapy water. Then after that only use cold water. The reason for this is that if you use hot water it opens your pores, the seafood juices go in and it will make your hands smell. If you use cold water this doesn’t happen.