Poaching fish

Many recipes for fish, smoked fish in particular, call for the fish to be poached; some of you will be saying what the hake is this? Poaching is simply cooking your seafood commonly with a little milk or water in a pan over some heat. The liquid doesn’t drown the fish, you just need a little to cover the bottom of a pan and this just stops the seafood sticking and burning. Around a 1cm depth would be ideal and it will take about 3 minutes to cook your fish.

You can also poach in the oven but due to the actual cooking time we think it’s actual easier to cook on a hob ring so you can easily see it.

Our kitchen top tip - if the milk is not required straight away, pour it into a zip-lock bag or plastic container and freeze it for up to 2 months; it makes the most delicious base for a white sauce in a fish pie, or as a base for a creamy fish soup or chowder.