Prawntastic Prawns

Just as seafood comes in all different sizes, prawns do too. In the UK, we simply love prawns they are some of our favourite fish to eat. So for prawns, they are little ones, big ones, posh ones and every day ones. Here’s a bite sized run down for you on prawns.

Cold Water Prawns

You’ll probably know these as the ones you find in prawn cocktails and sandwiches. The smallest of the prawn family, about half an inch or 1 cm in length, these are often found frozen in bags.

Cold water prawns can be defrosted under the tap in minutes and are packed full of nutritious elements. Their size and versatility make them perfect for everyday uses like salads and wraps or they can also be thrown  into soups or over pizzas to provide you with some extra protein. They are also one of the best fish to wean babies on.

Warm Water Prawns

These are imported into the UK from India to Thailand. They are often precooked and available in the chiller aisle of the supermarket; you’ll recognise them by their peachy colour and their size just over an inch or about 3 centimetres.

There are lots of different varieties of warm water prawns and you’ll see them in your fish monger or fish counter as Tiger Prawns, or King Prawns

Warm Water Prawns are perfect for curries, barbeques, paella and lots of different dishes.

Langoustines – Dublin Bay Prawns

Langoustines are one of the UK’s most valuable exports. They are fished off our costs and the fisherman who catch these call them prawns but the restaurants who serve them call them langoustine. Why the difference?  To get the best flavour and quality of these you would buy them whole and prepare them yourself whole. In a restaurant they are often served whole with their claws in tack for you to pick the delicious meat out of them.


What is scampi? Simple it’s langoustines just prepared breaded for us to eat and in the UK we love this as it’s the 10 most popular type of seafood we eat. Our friends at Whitby Seafood can tell you so much more about Scampi they have been working for 30 years to bring us great scampi to our plates since 1985. Hop on over to their website for more information.


Heather xx