Freezing fresh fish

Lots of us will freeze fresh fish for convenience – it’s a great way to organise what you are going to eat and when. To freeze, place fish in airtight container, such as wrapped aluminum foil, plastic containers, polythene bags or freezer-lock bags. Remove as much air from the packaging as possible before sealing, or wrap with cling film if preferred. Remember to defrost and eat fish within three months of it being frozen.

It’s a good idea to label and date the seafood you put in the freezer just so you know what is best to use up when you are cooking your meals. Check your frozen seafood periodically, this can be done when you are packing your shopping away in the regular ‘freezer jenga’ that we all do.

Another one of our top tips is to freeze in portions whether it’s for a solo supper or a meal for the family – freezing in portions is a great way to keep you organised.