Buying from Markets

Markets are a great source of inspiration when you’re buying seafood. The choice of fish and shellfish on offer means you can often try different varieties you might not find anywhere else. Markets also allow you to meet face to face with the suppliers and producers so you can get to know them and find out more about what you’re buying. Most stall holders will be happy give you advice and answer any questions about how to cook and prepare your fish so feel free to ask!

This personal touch is just one of the great things about buying at markets. Often the seafood comes from a shorter supply chain so will be as fresh as possible when it arrives and is kept well chilled so it can reach you in tip top condition. If you’re visiting a local or famers’ market there can be lots of other stalls full of delicious produce which you can visit to feel inspired and pick up things like seasonal vegetables to cook with your seafood.

Markets can also be a real social event and a day for all the family to enjoy. Whether in small towns or large cities a market is still a place for people to meet and catch up. Once you’ve filled up your basket you can make a day of it by enjoying some of the takeaway food and drink on offer.

Markets can be found in all shapes and sizes. Wholesale fish markets are often open to the public (do check before you visit) and cost wise can be very competitive. Take in the sights and sounds and hustle and bustle and be amazed by the quantity and quality on offer. Farmers’ markets have a greater focus on regional and seasonal produce, great for inspiring your next meal or trying something you’ve not bought before. Local indoor or outdoor markets offer friendly service and lots of delicious fresh seafood along with expert knowledge and a community feel.