Fish vans

In the UK many of us get the fish we eat delivered straight to our door by a fish van, from individual ‘sole’ businesses to companies like Regal Fish who have a fleet of 25 vans delivering to 5,000 customers ever week. Grimsby, the home of where 80% of what we eat in the UK is processed, is a central hub for fish vans. Every week up to 120 fish vans head in and out of Grimsby, picking up around 50 types of different fresh seafood.

Great reasons to use a fish van:

  • Delivered to your door - be that home, workplace or even your mums!
  • Helps you get in the regular habit of eating more seafood in your diet, a great way to make sure you trying to eat two portions of fish a week
  • You can do a bulk order for the month and this will help you be more organise. Planning your meals actually is proven to help reduce food waste cost and stress
  • Fish vans drivers are passionate about their jobs and have lots of top tips about ways to cook your seafood – so just ask them
  • Looking for a special order – preparation of your seafood simply just ask your van driver
  • You can do the neighbourly or family thing and get fish for others

Reputable fish vans get lots of new customers by word of mouth so please share the seafood love and tell your friends if you are using someone or ask around to see what vans operate in your area.

Cold callers – reputable fish vans do not give you the hard sell or give you deals of a life time on your door step.

Here our top tips for what to look for when you are buying fish:

  • Don’t buy on the door step unless you know the van driver.
  • Go out to the van and see if it is a good state of repair.
  • It might have the name of the company on the outside with a phone number.
  • It might not have anything written on the outside, branding can be expensive for vans.
  • The van must by law be a refrigerated van or be kitted out with industrial cool box style containers that are temperature controlled.
  • The fish should be stored covered and not open to the elements when the vans are open.