Buying online

When it comes to buying seafood online there are lots of options. Nowadays it’s easy to buy fresh, frozen or tinned seafood as part of your online grocery shop. All the major retailers now offer this service and their staff carefully select your seafood.

There is now also a growing range of specialist seafood suppliers who pride themselves in offering a fantastic seafood service straight to your door, be that home or work. Ordering a regular or occasional online shop can help you eat your two portions of fish a week and  help you to save time and be more organised.

Buying online is a good way to get into a routine if you order your seafood in advance and a great way to ensure you get your two a week.

Online seafood providers range in size and many specialise in a core range of products, for instance Suffolk’s Anchor Smokehouse and J.Lawrie & Sons 'Jaffys', while others have a great variety and offer specialist services. Please visit their websites for more details: