Control your calories

In a day, women need around 2,000 calories and men 2,500 calories to maintain their weight. To shift those excess pounds though, most health experts recommend cutting out 500 calories a day – enough to lose 1lb in a week. It might not sound much, but in a year, this can add up to a massive 52lb – almost 4st! 

White fish is a particularly great choice as it’s low in fat, which makes it easier to control calorie intakes. Just make sure it’s not fried, covered in batter or served with buttery or creamy sauces, which add loads of extra calories. For example, a 140g steamed plaice fillet contains just 129 calories and 2.1g fat whereas a 140g battered and fried plaice fillet contains almost three times as many calories and 11 times more fat (360 calories and 23.5g fat).