Remember, size matters

According to the British Nutrition Foundation, studies show we tend to consume about the same amount or weight of food each day, regardless of how many calories it contains*. This means it makes sense to choose bigger portions of foods that provide relatively few calories per gram. Experts call these low energy density foods and say choosing them can help us control our calorie intake without going hungry. White fish and shellfish are good examples of low energy density foods – just check out the calorie content per 140g serving of some of our favourites:

Cooked cold water prawns = 98 calories

Grilled skate = 111 calories

Cooked white crab meat = 119 calories

Boiled langoustine = 120 calories

Grilled sole = 127 calories

Steamed whiting = 129 calories

Steamed haddock = 130 calories

Grilled monkfish = 134 calories

Grilled plaice = 134 calories

Baked cod = 140 calories

Steamed flounder = 141 calories

Grilled king prawns = 142 calories

Boiled lobster = 144 calories

Cooked mussels = 146 calories

Steamed coley = 147 calories

Tuna canned in brine = 153 calories

Grilled hake = 158 calories


* British Nutrition Foundation. What is energy density?