There are heaps of ways to use up leftover cooked or tinned fish but always remember to follow seafood safety guidelines. Try some of these ideas:

  • rice salad – mix fish with cooked rice and vegetables like peas, sweetcorn and cherry tomatoes
  • pasta and sauce – mix fish with cooked pasta, vegetables and a tomato sauce then heat through until the dish is piping hot
  • speedy fish pie – stir fish into a cheese sauce with steamed leeks, peas and broccoli, top with mashed potato and pop in the oven to heat through
  • fish cakes – mix with leftover mashed potato, coat in breadcrumbs, spritz with oil and bake in the oven
  • fajitas – stir fish into cooked spicy onions and peppers and heat thoroughly, then serve in a wrap with shredded lettuce, tzatziki and grated cheese
  • sandwich and jacket potato fillings – mix leftover prawns or tinned tuna or salmon with reduced-fat mayo and use to fill sandwiches, wraps, rolls or jacket spuds
  • paté – mix leftover tinned fish with reduced-fat crème fraiche, fat-free fromage frais or low-fat Greek yogurt and a little lemon juice and zest
  • omelette – add fish to an omelette with your favourite vegetables
  • pizza – add leftover fish such as tinned tuna, anchovies or salmon, or cooked prawns to the top of pizzas
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