Urban Fishwife Mackerel And Couscous

Neptune’s Bounty: 52 Weeks, 52 Species

Seafood is one of the most versatile things we can put on our plates. With the many species landed around the UK there is little chance of getting bored with the same old thing. However our most popular seafood continues to be the big five of cod, prawns, salmon, tuna and haddock.

That’s why this year I’m exploring Neptune’s Bounty: 52 Weeks, 52 Species, my challenge to eat a different species of seafood every week for a year. I’m going beyond the big five and showcasing what to do with as many alternative types as possible.

One reason is to highlight sustainability; we need to be eating a wider variety of fish, respecting the riches of the sea. By only eating what we perceive as the best of the catch, we’re leaving behind lots of delicious food that is just going to waste. I want to show how easy it is to cook all kinds of fish, not just the popular ones.

It’s also all about enjoying food, exploring new tastes and flavours. Food should be fun and interesting, so why eat the same type of fish all the time? With a whole year to try different types of seafood I’m exploring them at their seasonal best too.

Thirdly it’s a family project. I’m weaning our baby daughter and really want her to enjoy her food. She’s been joining in Neptune’s Bounty with small bits of fish and it’s exciting for us to share seafood together for the first time. Check out the Fish is the Dish page on feeding babies for more top tips.

Seafood Week is all about seeing food differently, with a great fish to explore every day. I’m focusing on mackerel this week as one of my 52 species. It’s really versatile and can be easily baked, pan-fried or grilled, or use smoked or tinned mackerel which is ready to eat. For Seafood Week I’m making a colourful mackerel salad with citrus couscous which is quick to prepare.

So far for Neptune’s Bounty I’ve explored flat, oil-rich and round fish, and all sorts of flavours. It’s easy to try a new species by swopping the fish in an existing recipe; Fish is the Dish has lots of information on what to try. Join in and follow me in my challenge by using the hashtag #NeptunesBounty on Twitter and Instagram, I would love to see what you’ve been enjoying so far!

The Urban Fishwife, Caroline Rye