Spotlight: Marvellous Mussels

The Co-op sources its Scottish mussels from The Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group, a co-operative of passionate and dedicated shellfish farmers who pride themselves in everything they do.

These farmers are located on the West Coast of Scotland and in the Shetland Isles, where the mussels grow and are harvested in pristine cool waters. They pride themselves in their ability to providing The Co-op fantastic mussels 52 weeks of the year for consumers to enjoy at home.

The mussels are grown on ropes suspended from floats in the sea. They do not grow on the seabed and are not dredged for harvesting, which means they are full-bodied and grit-free. Feeding naturally off plankton, in the rich tidal flow, mussels are an excellent example of sustainable sourcing.

Living in the water, with no need for additional feed our growers’ mussels get the best conditions to ensure their fabulous succulent and sweet taste. After three years, the mussels are ready to be harvested and the growers bring them to shore to process them so that they can be enjoyed by people up and down the country.


Supporting communities

Mussel farming helps support rural communities and this is a vital part of the local economy for Shetland and the West of Scotland.

Jobs in rural communities are increasingly hard to come by and The Co-op is proud to be helping to ensure employment in rural areas as part of their sourcing policy.


Sustainability and The Co-op

Working in partnership, The Co-op supported their Scottish mussel farm suppliers in achieving the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) eco-label certification for its mussels.

This provides independent confirmation of their sustainable and environmentally responsible manner of cultivation. Dedication and commitment from both our growers and The Co-op ensures the quality and sustainability of our products.