In 1922 Clarence Birdseye patented the 'quick freezing' process, founding Birds Eye, changing the frozen food industry forever.

1955 saw the launch of the famous Birds Eye Fish Finger, whilst in 1967 Captain Birdseye was introduced to the world in his TV debut.

In 1969 we produced our first colour TV advert, this time featuring Peas.

1985 was the year we removed all artificial flavours from our products.

In 1995 we formed the MSC with WWF to help fisheries become more sustainable and in 2007, with cod supplies under a lot of pressure, we launched the delicious Pollock fish finger to help with the problem.

2010 we found out around 4.2million people eat a Birds Eye product on an average day in the UK.

2014 saw the launch of Iglo Group's 2020 Forever Food Together sustainability programme.