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What to do tonight - cook, ready meal or takeaway?

You know how it is, it gets to that time of day and you can’t be bothered cooking or deciding what to have.  You’ve not defrosted anything and everything seems like So. Much. Trouble. Basically you’ve turned into Kevin from Kevin and Perry over your evening meal. 

I am here to help you change your mind and go for the mighty ready meal!  It’s inbetweeny, you don’t have to cook, only sling it in the oven and it’s better for you than a full blown take away, whether that be a pizza, sausage or fish supper (although if you must do a take away, do a fish supper, it’s the best choice!).  See it as a happy medium!  There are so many different kinds of ready meal suppliers who do a lovely fish dish, from Saucy Fish, Whitby Seafoods and Youngs Seafood to retailers like Morrison’s, the Co-operative and Sainsbury’s doing their own-brand fish dishes.

But, and I know I am changing my mind (I am a woman and therefore entitled to), fish doesn’t take that long to cook and you could always pop into your local supermarket or fishmonger and pick up a fillet of something and cook it at home.  We’ve got some great, fast recipes here at Fish is the Dish, that don’t have a loooooong list of ingredients!

So whatever you end up doing, my main message as usual is “Choose Fish”, it’s delish!

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