Ways to push the boat out in Seafood Week - try something new!

It’s Seafood Week and we’re letting the world know about how many different species of fish there are out there to enjoy!

Did you know that in the UK many people stick to buying the same well-loved staples of prawns, tuna, salmon, haddock or cod? Now we love these too and you’ll find plenty of recipes for them on the Fish is the Dish site. But these actually only make up 5% of the fish we have access to as a nation, which is a tiny percentage really, when you think about it.  So let’s cast our nets a bit wider as a nation and look outside of our fish favourites!

Here’s a shrimp-le way to mix things up if you go crackers for prawns! Prawns have a firm texture and medium/bold flavour, making them perfect for dishes that involves stir frying, grilling, BBQing or for cold dishes like this summery Prawn Cocktail with a Mango Salsa. But langoustines and crayfish have a similar taste and texture, plus there’s even some fish such as salmon, gurnard or rainbow trout that can be great in the place of prawns – for example, a prawn salad might be a classic but a Poached Trout Salad Niçoise makes a fabulous alternative!

Trout Nicoise880X440

Oil rich, colourful, and packed with nutrients - salmon is another top pick in this country, and one of our favourite ways to serve it up (and not just because it saves on washing up, HONEST) is in these tasty Salmon Parcels. Just pop all the ingredients into a foil package and then grill or oven bake to tender perfection. 

Salmon Parcels880X440

However variety is the spice of life and there are some fantastic alternatives available such as sea bass, sea bream, tilapia, red snapper and grey mullet, all widely available and just as easy to cook! This Sea Bream with Sauteed Potatoes just needs be pan fried for a couple of minutes each side – really couldn’t be simpler.

Finally, how about cod or haddock? Chances are that wherever you live in the UK your local chippy is serving up one or the other of these classic white fish, sometimes even both. But both coley and pollock share a mild flavour and medium texture with cod and haddock and are just as versatile!  As well as being delightful served as fish & chips, you can grill them, bake them whole, or use in fish pies. You can even cover them in breadcrumbs made from cream crackers and shallow fry for these deliciously crunchy Coley Goujons and here’s a tip if you have kids – wee ones love the process of dipping the goujons into the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumbs – make the most of the help while you can!


If we’ve inspired you this Seafood Week, then take a look at our ‘Usual Suspects’ page which has more ideas for mixing up you meals, including a handy ‘Fish Scale’ (see what we did there?) where you can find fish you like and get ideas about others with similar textures and flavour.

Push the boat out and get hooked on some tasty new seafood species – don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

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