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Tinned Fish

Juliette Kellow gives us some fantastic ideas on how to get tinned fish into your diet and make sure we hit our 2 a week!

Making a meal of it

Tinned fish is great for filling sandwiches, wraps and jacket potatoes. We love the following combos:

  • tuna, light mayo and sweetcorn
  • salmon, reduced-fat crème fraiche, lemon juice and watercress
  • tuna, kidney beans and salsa
  • sardines and cucumber
  • crab, rocket, lemon juice and parsley
  • tuna, lemon juice, capers and fat-free natural yogurt
  • crab, avocado and light seafood dressing
  • sardines in tomato sauce and rocket
  • salmon and avocado
  • tuna, pepper, red onion and celery
  • shrimps and light seafood dressing
  • smoked mackerel, horseradish sauce and beetroot

For a deli-style sarnie, fill a panini with cheese and tuna, mixed with a little red onion and light mayo, then pop under the grill or into a sandwich toaster.

Serve your favourite tinned fish with a simple salad and piece of granary baguette or bread for a meal in minutes.

Use tinned fish to make a super-speedy pâté – we love smoked mackerel mixed with a little reduced-fat crème fraiche, horseradish sauce, lemon juice and black pepper.


For the ultimate quick lunch, top wholemeal toast or granary baguette with tinned sardines, mackerel, pilchards or kippers in your favourite sauce.

For a high-protein snack, fill iceberg lettuce leaves with your favourite tinned fish, wrap up and enjoy.

Turn tinned fish into a dip – mix tuna or salmon with low-fat cream cheese, low-fat natural yogurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs (we like dill, chives or parsley), and serve with breadsticks and vegetable crudités.

When time is short, cook some spaghetti, drain and toss with a few diced anchovies, a little oil from the tin, lemon juice and zest, a few chopped capers, a handful of rocket and season with black pepper.

For a tasty family dinner that’s ready in minutes, mix cooked whole wheat pasta with steamed broccoli, low-fat soft cheese and tinned salmon or tuna. Heat through and serve with vegetables or salad.

Make your own seafood pizza. Top a ready-made pizza base with a little low-fat tomato sauce, sweetcorn and sliced onion. Then add tinned shrimps, mussels, crabmeat and a few anchovies. Sprinkle with basil, black pepper and mozzarella cheese, bake in the oven and serve with salad.

Add shellfish such as tinned mussels to a fish pie for extra flavour.

Liven up omelettes and frittatas with tinned fish. Simply add your favourite to the frying pan – whether that’s crab, tuna, mackerel or shrimps – just before pouring over the egg.

Use tinned fish to make fishcakes –mix your favourite fish with mashed potato, finely sliced spring onions and sweetcorn or peas, then shape into fishcakes. Dip into flour, beaten egg and breadcrumbs (shaking off any excess between each coating), then gently fry in a little oil.

Mix tinned fish with cooked rice, couscous or quinoa and diced vegetables for a tasty salad at parties or BBQs. Or use it to stuff peppers and then bake in the oven.

Give entertaining a retro twist by serving shrimp and crab cocktails for starters. Top a bed of iceberg lettuce with shrimps and crabmeat, sprinkle over lemon juice and black pepper and serve with a dollop of light seafood dressing.

Make a cheat’s version of kedgeree – mix tinned smoked mackerel with a pack of microwaveable pilau rice, spring onions and chopped rice. Heat gently then serve with a chopped, hard-boiled egg.