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Out of the fridge and into the curry!

When it comes to versatility – fish really is the dish!

There really is no better curry than one with seafood in it. That’s why we’ve teamed up with National Curry Week during Seafood Week. The flavours you get from spiced-up prawns or a monkfish curry are amazing.

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By adding seafood to your curry, you can easily make something impressive and unforgettable! And the best thing about fish is how much variety there is. When it comes to versatility – fish really is the dish!

There are so many different species that you can use for cooking a curry. Everyone knows that leftovers make for a great excuse to create a curry – and that’s even more the case when it comes to seafood. If you’ve bought a bit more fish than you intended, just bung it in and you’ll look like a culinary genius.

Here’s a fine example – our Cod Curry.

It’s really quick and easy to make, and you can use up to eight different species. There aren’t many meats you can say that about! So if you don’t have any cod in the fridge, but happen to have some leftover haddock, pollock, or coley, that’ll do just as nicely! And if your guests ask – you can look like a super versatile chef and say: “oh, I just chucked in a few things I had in the fridge”. If you’re more of a coconut curry fan, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you with this smoked haddock curry.

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And again, you can experiment with plenty of different species – cod, coley, whiting, ling, Pollock/pollack, or hake. They all taste great.

This recipe is the most versatile of all – there are stacks of different fish you can use for this dish! Our Thai Red Fish Curry with Jasmine Rice recipe can be cooked with just about any species!


We recommend you go for cod, prawns, coley, crayfish, haddock, hake, ling, Pollock, whiting, or oysters! It doesn’t get much more varied than that!