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National Curry Week and Seafood Week team up in tasty move!

Fish and chips have been battling it out in the restaurant and takeaway wars for years.

Fish and chips have been battling it out in the restaurant and takeaway wars for years.

Both have long been favourites of the nation, and for generations have vied for our affections with their tasty offerings! And families up and down the UK weekly debate whether to treat themselves to a curry or fish and chips - and that’s not to mention other seafood meals on offer. But the truth is – the best curries are the ones with seafood in them!

Whether it’s a fish bhuna, tandoori halibut, prawn tikka masala, or fish and chips with curry sauce, it all tastes great. We reckon curry tastes best when it’s made with seafood, and we’ve got stacks of recipes for all taste buds and cooking abilities.

Pollock curry

Monkfish and coconut curry

Slow Cooker Sunday Curry Prawn Pilau

Thai red fish with jasmine rice

And that’s why Seafood Week and National Curry Week – which both run through October – are teaming up! Rather than competing, they’re both best when they work together!

The two weeks partnered up for the first time in 2015 and has decided to do the same again in 2016. This year National Curry Week runs from October 10-17.

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Seafood Week and National Curry Week have agreed to support each other with tasty recipe ideas, all looking to remind people about the magic of seafood curries.

Most curries in the UK after made with chicken, and many consumers would never think to stray from the chicken bhuna, masala, or tikka that they’ve dined on for years. But there is so much more on offer when you add seafood!

So next time you’re thinking about eating fish, consider making it a curry. And the next time you’re eyeing a curry – try adding some fish!