Why the seagan diet is the best of both worlds

Mon 21st January 2019
Seagan Recipes

Why is it good to include seafood in your diet, especially for those on a restricted diet for example a plant based diet?

Seafood offers so much to the consumer whether you are 1 or 90 years old. It is hugely with so many types to choose from and a host of different textures and flavours; so eating seafood is never boring. All seafood offer excellent health benefits from low fat options to oily fish to all the varying nutrients in shellfish.

Seagan Recipe Mussels

What do you think the benefits to trying out the seagan diet are?

We are huge veggie people at home and I grow lots of my own. I like living and eating with the seasons. I'm very interested in the vegan diet and often have a vegan only day because i love the selection of vegetables, pulses, legumes, oils and nuts available that can add variety to our diet. However my main concern about enjoying this diet full time is ensuring that i and my family get enough protein and calcium. Unless you really know what you are doing and plan your diet very carefully, i think it can be easy to miss key nutrients. Therefore I have adapted vegan recipes to add an element of seafood. Dietary wise, this is to me this is absolutely the very best of both worlds.  Like so many people, my family struggle with our weight and adapting these recipes mean we are heading in the right direction in getting our 5 portions of vegetables a day, plenty of fibre and most importantly protein which can't fail to help the waistline.

Seagan Recipes Shoot

How would you recommend sourcing sustainable seafood?

The other reason for eating this way is the sustainability of our day to day existence. We focus on sustainable seafood as one of our key messages at the seafood school. There are many types of seafood that are responsibly sourced and these are the types i work with the most. I'm thinking immediately of rope grown mussels... You can't get much more sustainable than these. They are relatively fast to grow, have very little interference from a fish farmer and don't damage the environment with careful harvesting. They are right at the very top of my go to seafood and very cost effective. Get hooked on these and you are onto a winner! 

Seagan Recipe Laksa

What is your favourite seagan recipe and why?

The thing I enjoyed most about creating some seagan recipes was the vegetable element. I am always asked what vegetable to serve with different fish dishes. But in these recipes this is answered straight away as they are included! I enjoyed writing and testing these! My personally favourite seagan recipe is the pan-fried lemon sole, aubergine with shiitake mushrooms. My favourite fish, vegetables and with sage and capers added at the end make this a tasty combination for me.

Would this article encourage you to eat seafood?