What a winning combination - seafood and tortillas!

Sat 24th February 2018
Tortilla 700X600

Happy National Tortilla Day! When we think of tortillas our first thought is of nachos (one of our favourite dishes) but of course there are so many other ways to enjoy this tasty cupboard staple. Who knew that National Tortilla Day would even be a thing?

When I started to look through our seafood recipes to find the best ones, I was surprised at how many incorporated tortillas into the dish. 


I know it’s early for Halloween but this recipe is such a fun way to get your children to eat seafood in an ingenious manner! Your kids may even want to help you create this hilarious dish?

An easy peasy recipe of ours is smoked mackerel and piccalilli wrap. You could have this as a starter or as a snack and it’s such an easy way to fit in with one of your two a week. The piccalilli complements the mackerel perfectly.


We are getting particularly creative with this brown crab and avocado tostada recipe. We all know that avocado is “in” right now. Think of all those “hipsters” you can impress with this tempting recipe! It’s so easy to make and is less than 300 calories. Great for those of you that are watching your weight and also need something to get you through your gym session.

Sardine Nachos

We couldn’t have National Tortilla Day without our sardine topped nachos. These small fish are so versatile, they are perfect combined with some cheese and popped under the grill. Plus sardines are available nearly all year round and are high in protein, vitamin D and vitamin B12. Perfect for those winter blues.

Let us know your favourite seafood and tortilla collaborations by tweeting us at @FishistheDish.

Dawn x