Weekend brunches

Fri 6th October 2017

Having family or friends round this weekend for brunch but have no idea what to make? We’ve got some suggestions that will help you out.

Sunday Fishcake Breakfast

We couldn’t have a seafood brunch without including this mighty fishcake creation! It’s a winning combination which contains white fish, cooked prawns and baby capers. You are getting your two a week all in one meal! 


For those of you who can’t make up your mind, you could do a combination of crab and kipper eggs benedict. Who says that you can’t have both?! 

Smoked Fish Omelette

This omelette is a classic favourite for brunch. Scrumptious and filling; your guests will be begging you to host brunch every weekend!


Our friends at Morrisons have shared this tempting sardines with feta on toast recipe with us. I don’t know about you but fish and feta is a winning combo in my eyes. Plus it takes less than 20 minutes to make. Something so simple but yet so delicious.

What’s your favourite seafood brunch menu? Tweet us your recipe images to us at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x