Top 5 midweek dinners

Tue 10th October 2017
Family Midweek

Happy hump day! You’ve finally made it to Wednesday, the only issue is that you can’t think of what to have for dinner tonight! You’ve got 101 things going around in your head and don’t know where to start with your evening meal.

We have a selection of dinners that are so easy to prepare that you will be glad you’ve not called the local takeaway.

Cod Chorizo One Pot770X600

No 1 – cod, chorizo one pot

This scrumptious recipe does exactly what it says on the tin. You only need one pot for it and it’s ready in 35 minutes. The variety of flavours will delight you.


No 2 – slow cooker Sunday curry prawn pilau

We know it says Sunday in the title but let’s be real here - you can have it any day. Throw all the ingredients in a slow cooker in the morning and by the time you are home after work it’s ready for you. It couldn’t be any easier!


No 3 – Bridlington lobster pot

If you are feeling particularly posh, go for this lobster pot dish. Delicious, and mouth-watering, you will be so happy you gave the takeaway a miss.

Monkfish Veerle Evens 056 770X600

No 4 – Monkfish and pancetta pasta

Our lovely friends at Billingsgate Seafood School have rustled up this glorious recipe and trust us, you will absolutely love it. The combination of flavours will make it a firm favourite.

Lidls Tomato And Mussel Linguiine

No 5 – Tomato and mussel spaghetti

For those days when it is getting to the end of the month and things are a little bit tight. Our friends at Lidl have shared this full of flavour dish. A variety of ingredients that will tantalise your taste buds.

Let us know what your favourite go-to recipes are for during the week by tweeting us at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x