The Power of Frozen!

Tue 28th February 2017
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It’s the first of March and this month we are celebrating the power of frozen foods!

Frozen foods, but more importantly seafood, are a savvy way to eat fish and can be a massive time saver too! We want to hear how you create beautiful and tasty seafood meals with frozen products.

This month you will find substantial discounts at most large supermarkets, pushing you towards their vast selection of frozen foods. And we want you to think about the fish. Frozen fish is a great staple to have in your freezer so take advantage of the deals this month and get stocked up!

Eating two fish a week has massive health benefits so why not take advantage of the savings this month and try something new. From prawns to haddock to my childhood favourite, fish fingers, there is so much to choose from.

We love our fish but we also love our brands, offering a stunning range of affordable and sustainably sourced seafood they are the heroes of our savvy shopping! Check out our partners below and let us know if you choose any of them to help you along the way to your #my2aweek!

Whitby Seafoods not only offers a beautiful selection of chilled fish they have a scrumptious frozen range including calamari, jumbo scampi, cod goujons and prawns! Reasonably priced and full of healthy fishy nutrients, Whitby Seafoods is definitely worth a try this month. Check for offers at your local supermarket!

When it comes to fish, Birds Eye is one of the most familiar names and we all know the face of Captain Birds Eye and his drool worthy fish fingers. Their new campaign, which finally brings back our favourite captain after 10 years, was launched in 2016 and I love it, see their #boywithatail advert on Youtube!

Did you know the lovely Captain offers a variety of products to suit us all: gluten free, wholegrain, cod, haddock and crispy batter are some of the fish finger options, which one would you choose?

For the first time, Birds Eye hosted the Fish and Chip Sandwich Awards where they searched for the UK’s most innovative and attention-grabbing fish finger sandwich creations! Could you take home the trophy next year?

Our favourite Captain also offers products from their ‘Inspirational’ range including lemon and black pepper crusted cod fillet. Fancy a change from fish fingers, just this once of course, why not give these a try, and check out their website for their full range.

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Looking for a brand that offers family favourites and gastro style meals, Young’s Fish is definitely worth a try! Offering frozen foods from their Chip Shop and Gastro range there really is something for everyone whether it’s their Pollock fish cakes or the Gastro fish pie that takes your fancy, do your taste buds a favour this month!

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Now one from us! This seafood pasta uses a frozen seafood mix, but you can use any frozen fish products you like and it’s great for kids! It’s quick, easy and perfect for a mid-week dinner so why not inspire your family and friends to try out a selection of seafood in one dish, helping you and others towards #my2aweek

Seafood Pasta

Let us know how you feel about the power of frozen fish, will you be popping into the supermarket this week with an eye for frozen fishy deals? – Tweet to @FishistheDish #my2aweek