Show your love this Valentine's Day with seafood

Sat 3rd February 2018
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Planning to do something romantic for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Maybe take them to a fancy restaurant? Shower them with gifts? But maybe none of that seems enough! We at Fish is the Dish towers think the way to show your better half that you care is by preparing them a perfect home cooked meal, created with love.

We’ve put together some suggestions that may help your night become one to remember.


Your Valentine’s Day meal will get off to a tempting start with these creamy, crunchy oysters. Topped with cream, Gruyère cheese and breadcrumbs, your better half will be putty in your hands.


If you don’t think your partner will appreciate oysters, try this crab and asparagus salad. It’s a fantastic combination and your significant other will be wondering what is coming next!


You may not realise this but apparently avocado is an aphrodisiac too! I know - who knew? This is why we are suggesting this Cajun tuna with an avocado salsa from our friends at Morrisons. 

Cjw Paper Steamed Mackerel 770X600

Just in case none of those ideas float your boat, we’ve got the pièce de résistance! Steamed mackerel with hot and sour chilli dressing, from the Seafood School at Billingsgsate. It’s up to you how hot you want to make it but we think it will blow your other half away.

We would love to hear how you seduce your loved one with seafood on the most romantic day of the year. Tweet us at @FishistheDish with your pics of your loving crafted meal.

Dawn x