Seafood Week - all the Fun of the Pun!

Fri 2nd October 2015

People find it hard to resist the power of the pun, especially when it comes to fishy puns. To be honest we absolutely love our fishy puns at Fish HQ, we talk to people all the time and they get embarrassed when they drop a fishy pun into normal conversation but we just love it and tell them to give us more!

To kick off Seafood Week, our big push to get more people to eat more fish, on Friday 9 October, the Twitterverse will have its funny bone tickled as #fishpunday will hit the UK for the very first time...

We've approached pun expert and winner of 'best joke' at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Darren Walsh, to keep proceedings light-hearted and on track. His comic routine centres on the world of puns making him a great ambassador for the launch.

We've tasked him with coming up with some of the best and witty puns of the day, encouraging others to get involved. Darren will essentially host the day on Twitter, replying to people's creative offerings and sparking up wider conversation across the platform. His involvement will also be beneficial in keeping both the #seafoodweek and #fishpunday hashtags visible in all conversations.


So have we CAUGHT your attention, for our first FIN-tastic #fishpunday? Make sure you're ON-BOARD for all the fishy fun through our social channels @fishisthedish

It's going to be brill-iant!