Seafood of the month - mullet

Mon 9th July 2018

Red mullet, grey mullet, red mullet, grey mullet – not the easiest of words to say quickly but an easy seafood to cook! Mullet is our seafood of the month and whether it is red or grey, it is certainly a delicious fish to tuck into. 

Mullet is high in: 

  • Protein which supports muscle mass
  • Vitamin B12 important for a healthy nervous system
  • Vitamin D important to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy 
  • Vitamin B6 to form haemoglobin in blood
  • Potassium which is great for your muscles, heart, nerves and kidneys
  • Selenium which is great for your immune system

A whopping amount of protein...

Grey mullet just beats red mullet with the amount of protein it has in it with 25.7g per 100g (grilled) compared to 20.4g (grilled). So, for the average man your daily intake of protein should be 56g per day and for the average woman it’s 46g.

Now for your favourite bit of the blog, what can you make with mullet? Check out our recommendations below.

Red Mullet Veerle Evens 770X600

From our friends at the Seafood School at Billingsgate Market we’ve got the scrumptious roast red mullet with rosemary and lemon marinade, which is just ideal for those summer days and it can be rustled up in 25 minutes.

Grey Mullet 055 770X600

This cornmeal crusted grey mullet with salsa verde is so mouth wateringly good and is definitely a dish that will impress if you are having a dinner party.

Cjw Red Mullet Piri Piri770X600

Fancy something a little bit different? Try this grilled red mullet piri piri, it’s a Portuguese dish that is usually made with chicken but we loved this different slant on an old classic.

3Crispy breaded red mullet goujons

It doesn’t have to be all posh with this fish? You could easily whip up these bread crumbed mullet goujons, great for all the family. It’s just a new take on fish fingers!

However your choose to tuck into your mullet, let us know by tweeting your pics with us at Fish is the Dish @fishisthedish

Dawn x