Seafood of the month - crab

Thu 1st March 2018
Crab On Ice

We can’t wait to celebrate our seafood of the month as its crab - and even better, National Crab Meat Day falls on 9th March! There’s no excuse not to celebrate this full-of-flavour crustacean!

Did you know that the brown edible crab is native to the UK? Cock crabs (males) contain more white meat than the female hens and are generally preferred by chefs.

Crab is also packed full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that benefit your blood cells, your brain, skin, as well as your muscles and so much more. Check out our A to Z of fish for more information.


We thought we would start you off with an easy recipe  with this scrumptious and filling crab eggs benedict recipe. There are only a handful of ingredients, which makes this the ideal dish to impress a loved one with.

Cjw Chilli Crab Noodles 770X600

These chilli crab noodles with spring onion and ginger are absolutely divine. Our friends from the Seafood School at Billingsgate have created it and we love how simple and full of flavour it is! 

Crab Tacos

You don’t need to wait until the weekend for a tasty treat of crab tacos, you can have it anytime! It’s a perfect dish for sharing but you could keep it all for yourself!

Med Crab Salad With Egg

This Mediterranean crab salad will have you longing for summer. It’s such a colourful dish packed full with pasta, crab and a sumptuous selection of vegetables! Proof that you don’t have to save salads for the warmer months!

Whatever you choose to create on National Crab Day, tweet us a pic at @fishisthedish.

Dawn x